The Weekly Round-Up

The Weekly Magical Roundup – Vol III

Below is the weekly round up. Ive been so busy lately with house renovations that I haven’t had much time to devout to social media. I’m currently trying to totally renovate my house to sell. I bought a fixer upper with the intention of flipping it. I can tell you my next house will be move in ready. I’m not doing this again. I don’t have the stamina to make a career out of it. Ive been very displaced. If you have been following my Instagram you can see that my altar has been temporarily moved to a corner of my bedroom. I still have find some really interesting articles that I hope you enjoy!

Benebell Wen’s review of the Tabula Mundi Tarot

I just got this deck yesterday.  I was inspired to buy it after this review. How had I not heard of this deck before? This is gorgeous. Her review gives a very good look at the cards. I’ll probably be posting my own after I use it for awhile. This deck is deep. I really want to work with it a bit before I give a review.

U.K Diocese tells Catholics how to Venerate Pagan Deities

I thought this was an interesting article. I think its important to respect other peoples religions. Its refreshing seeing the Catholic church take a more open and progressive approach to the acceptance non-Catholics. At work during our Thanksgiving luncheon they have a christian prayer before eating. I still bow my head out of respect as I know I’m the only non-Christian there. I just make a point to thank my own gods instead. At the end of the day I believe we all worship the same source, we just believe in different images and symbols.

Welcome to the Twin Peaks Tarot Deck

I’m a huge David Lynch fan. I’m currently watching the new Twin Peaks and its blowing my mind. I’ll admit I have no clue what is going on. I really hope this gets made into a full 78 card deck. Right now this is a majors only deck that you could only get by backing the kickstarter campaign. I love the artwork. I’ll be keeping my eye out for any news on this one.

Rochelle from he Craft is doing Tarot Reading

I love the Craft. It has always been one of my favorite movies. How cool is it that Rachel True is actually doing Tarot readings in real life? I thought this was a really cool article on what she is doing with her life now. For me it makes the movie even more awesome. Many people who were in this movie fell off the map after the 90’s. Its good to see some are still doing pretty well.






The Weekly Round-Up

The Weekly Magical Round-up Vol I

Below is the weekly round-up of articles and news I have stumbled upon that struck my interest.  This post was intended for the weekend, but I’ve got quite a busy weekend ahead so I’m rounding up a bit early this week. Links to all of the articles discussed are listed. Did something interesting happen this week that I missed? Feel free to tell me in the comments.

Frater Barrabbas Publishes new Book – Spirit Conjuring for Witches

Frater Barrabbas Blog – Spirit Conjuring for Witches

Frater Barrabbas has a new book out on spirit conjuring. Actually this book came out in February so I am a bit late to the game. I’m sure this will be as much as an interesting read as his other books. If anyone has read it I would like to know your thoughts. I’ve put this on my list of books to purchase my next book buying round. I think this is an area that is lacking. I don’t see a lot of good solid literature on the subject of spirit conjuring without is getting a bit goofy or cheesy,  I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this.

Self Proclaimed Psychic Steals Thousands from Clients

Los Angeles News – Self Proclaimed Psychic Steals Thousands

News like this gives legitimate tarot readers and psychics  a bad name. This scenario is far too common. Events like this are why divination frequently gets lumped in as a gimmick and fair attraction to the outsider. Always research the person your intending on getting a reading with. Always go with someone who has a presence in the community and positive reviews from others.

Donald Weiser Dies at 89

Donald Weiser dies at 89

I’ve always been more partial to Weiser publishing than Lewellyn. Both produce great titles, but Weiser has always seemed more sincere in their efforts to me. Lewllyn comes out with a lot of books. Almost too much. Most of it in my opinion is re-hashing previous books and more new-age type of stuff. They do have some gems. If your reading a book on magic I would say there is a 80% chance that it is published by one of these two. I hope Weiser publishing continues on publishing great work and maintaining their high quality standards.

On the Business of Magick

On the Business of Magick – The Houston Chronicle

This is actually an older article. There is a little shop in Houston called the Magick Cauldron. It has managed to successfully stay in business for 30 years. I loved reading this article about how they have managed to stay in business in such a niche market. This was a fascinating look into the ownership of a occult supply store.

Psychic Protection – a Recitation Ritual

Benebell Wen’s Blog: a Psychic Protection Recitation Ritual

Everyday whether you know it or not your absorbing and giving off energy both positive and negative. A good practice is learning how to strengthen your aura and psychic field so your not so effected by the energy of others. As she says consider it “metaphysical sunscreen”. Benebell Wen has put together a fantastic MP3 meditation to help you with just that. This MP3 is free and open for download, the best part is its free. If your around someone at work who makes you feel drained all the time it is likely that are giving off some bad mojo and your absorbing it or they are stealing your energy (have you ever heard the term that someone just sucks the life out of a room?).