The Weekly Round-Up

The Weekly Magical Round Up – Vol II

Next Week I’ll be out of the state on a business trip so there will be no blog posts or the weekly round up. I will return the following week! With that being said below is the weekly round up of news and articles that caught my eye. Discussion is welcome.

Kelly-Ann Maddox’s New Altar Setup

Kelly-Ann Maddox YouTube Channel

I’m in love with this altar. Every time I see a new altar video I get inspired to change everything on mine. This video has a ton of eye candy. Kelly-Ann Maddox is one of the leading YouTube bloggers in the magical arena. She is very knowledgeable but manages not to take herself too seriously. Ive been a long time subscriber and I hope that I can get up the courage one day to start a YouTube channel and speak with the same gusto she does.

When Science and the Occult Went Head-to-Head on a Germain Mountaintop

Atlas Obscura – Science Experiment Failed to Change a Goat into a Boy

Though magic can give you an edge on this plane there are still rules to the universe that must be followed. I think now if you asked any serious magician if they were able to turn a goat into a boy they would think you were joking and may take slight offense. This experiment was seen as absolute proof that magic does not exist. The whole thing is humorous to me when I imagine all of these people gathered set out to prove the existence of something so abstract by doing something so…what is the word….comical? ridiculous? This was a very entertaining read.

Psychedelic Qabalah for the Modern Psychonaut

Omni Future – a Blog by Bryan Alvarez

This is a very long and and in depth article on the use of psychedelic drugs and how the psychedelic experience relates to the Qabalah and tree of life. Be warned -this article is some heavy reading. If your someone who does mix drugs with their practice then this article might be of interest.

The Key to the Subconscious: Imagination

The Grand Infinity YouTube Channel

I recently stumbled upon this YouTube channel just meandering for new occult channels. The channel is run by Joseph March formally known as Psycho Sorcerer. He has a lot of really good videos on ceremonial magic.  His videos do not have the eye candy that Kelly-Ann’s do but they are packed with really good information. I usually listen to them in the background when I’m working on jewelry. This is a good video on the different modes of utilizing the imagination to bring about your will. Though not totally encompassing this is a good starting off point for practice and discussion.

Indigo Speaker is back on YouTube

May Q&A 2017

Indigo Speaker has been absent from YouTube for several months. His videos focus mainly also on ceremonial magic. If you have been wondering what he has been up to he addresses those questions in this YouTube video. Apparently he has been working on forming his own magical order – I think that might take up a little bit of your time.





The Weekly Round-Up

The Weekly Magical Round-up Vol I

Below is the weekly round-up of articles and news I have stumbled upon that struck my interest.  This post was intended for the weekend, but I’ve got quite a busy weekend ahead so I’m rounding up a bit early this week. Links to all of the articles discussed are listed. Did something interesting happen this week that I missed? Feel free to tell me in the comments.

Frater Barrabbas Publishes new Book – Spirit Conjuring for Witches

Frater Barrabbas Blog – Spirit Conjuring for Witches

Frater Barrabbas has a new book out on spirit conjuring. Actually this book came out in February so I am a bit late to the game. I’m sure this will be as much as an interesting read as his other books. If anyone has read it I would like to know your thoughts. I’ve put this on my list of books to purchase my next book buying round. I think this is an area that is lacking. I don’t see a lot of good solid literature on the subject of spirit conjuring without is getting a bit goofy or cheesy,  I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this.

Self Proclaimed Psychic Steals Thousands from Clients

Los Angeles News – Self Proclaimed Psychic Steals Thousands

News like this gives legitimate tarot readers and psychics  a bad name. This scenario is far too common. Events like this are why divination frequently gets lumped in as a gimmick and fair attraction to the outsider. Always research the person your intending on getting a reading with. Always go with someone who has a presence in the community and positive reviews from others.

Donald Weiser Dies at 89

Donald Weiser dies at 89

I’ve always been more partial to Weiser publishing than Lewellyn. Both produce great titles, but Weiser has always seemed more sincere in their efforts to me. Lewllyn comes out with a lot of books. Almost too much. Most of it in my opinion is re-hashing previous books and more new-age type of stuff. They do have some gems. If your reading a book on magic I would say there is a 80% chance that it is published by one of these two. I hope Weiser publishing continues on publishing great work and maintaining their high quality standards.

On the Business of Magick

On the Business of Magick – The Houston Chronicle

This is actually an older article. There is a little shop in Houston called the Magick Cauldron. It has managed to successfully stay in business for 30 years. I loved reading this article about how they have managed to stay in business in such a niche market. This was a fascinating look into the ownership of a occult supply store.

Psychic Protection – a Recitation Ritual

Benebell Wen’s Blog: a Psychic Protection Recitation Ritual

Everyday whether you know it or not your absorbing and giving off energy both positive and negative. A good practice is learning how to strengthen your aura and psychic field so your not so effected by the energy of others. As she says consider it “metaphysical sunscreen”. Benebell Wen has put together a fantastic MP3 meditation to help you with just that. This MP3 is free and open for download, the best part is its free. If your around someone at work who makes you feel drained all the time it is likely that are giving off some bad mojo and your absorbing it or they are stealing your energy (have you ever heard the term that someone just sucks the life out of a room?).