About KC Haniel


I’m just someone trying to figure out life like anyone else. My primary interests lay in hermetics, ceremonial magick, tarot cards, and the Qabalah. I’m constantly trying to satisfy my hunger for knowledge. My interest in the occult started as a teen with a stack of books my father gave me that included Aleister Crowley, the Tarot, and Eastern Mysticism. I was raised a strict southern Baptist so this was all so eye opening to me. I couldn’t believe the possibly of there being any grain of truth in other religion. The more I read the less I began to know.  My studies are continual. I believe there is always more to learn. I try to incorporate magic into my life as much as possible.  I’m a total recluse. I love being at home. Its my sanctuary. I started this blog mainly to get out of my shell and to get to know other people with similar interests.  I reside in Dallas Texas with my husband and two big dogs.

I do work full time at a normal day job in the corporate world working in commercial real estate so this blog and Tarot is a hobby and passion of mine I’m always trying to squeeze more time to devout to.

I also have an etsy shop where I sell tarot readings and jewelry I make. which is mostly made out of animal bone. I love using animal bone to make jewelry. I think it is such an unconventional medium to use.

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